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Amy Murphy Photography - Hertfordshire

Amy Murphy Photography - Hertfordshire


Location: Hertfordshire


  • By The Hour (4 Hours) - £695
  • Half Day - £1095
  • All Day Coverage £1995

What's On Offer:

  • Photographer based in Hertfordshire
  • Customisable packages for all budgets
  • Candid approach to photography
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This is me ... wife, sister, (crazy) Auntie, I'm a published photographer, a friend to the LGBTQ+ community, notebook fanatic (random, but this is me), lover of cappuccino coffees, Krispy Kreme donuts, Harley Davidson motorbikes, pizza and a good bottle of Dr Loosen German wine (as some of my good friends will confirm). I have also just discovered a newfound passion for growing bonsai trees!!! 

I am is 100% committed to the couples and families that want to book me.

 I will approach your booking (and all of my photography projects) with an open mind and an open heart in equal measure. 

By nature I am a relaxed, calm person, but at the same time I am completely driven to achieve the perfect picture - "going the extra mile" comes as standard with AMP!

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am and how I tick!

If you can imagine yourself hanging out with me in a coffee shop eating cake, or in a bar eating pizza and drinking German wine, and, ultimately, you like my photography, let's chat about how we can combine the two!  I can't wait to talk with you!