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Lina Karo Bridal - Dresses - London

Lina Karo Bridal - Dresses - London


Location: London/Tunbridge Wells, UK

Prices: £160 - £513

What's on Offer:

- Online shop for handmade bridal gowns

- A huge range of designs & styles

- Handmade from quality materials

- Dresses for all budgets

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It all started from our  love of weddings... and to those positive emotions that people experience at weddings, whether its the bride and groom, parents or guests.

It's crucial to make sure that a bride feels happy and beautiful - it's all about self-love and acceptance and we aim to express that in your wedding dress.

Our dresses are stylish and modern, yet classy and elegant. They are handmade from the best quality materials and we take great care to ensure they look flawless on your special day.

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