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Roxshotz Media - Photography - Lincolnshire

Roxshotz Media - Photography - Lincolnshire


Location: Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire

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What's On Offer:

  • Wedding photographer in Lincolnshire
  • Diverse photography styles
  • 07398773761


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"a passion of mine"

began my photography journey back in my younger years, you're talking 15 years at least! It has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, including cinematography, graphic design, content creation and everything in between. However it has only been recently that I decided to take it a bit more seriously as I'm not getting any younger. After all I'm a parent now and I'd like to leave something behind for my children.

My Expertise

So you have a rough idea how long I've been in the game, but you want to know what is my expertise? What is my niche, what do I specialise in? Well to be truthful I would describe myself as a freelance photographer and content creator, in the sense that I don't stick to one or two certain types of work (say portrait photography, pet related content creating or sports photography for example). 

The reason for this is that in my personal life I have so many varied interests that my work often ends up becoming a part of it, leading me down a path of different types of media creation each time. Whether you have your dream wedding planned, you have a car/motorbike you'd like shooting, a stud farm, livestock or work for a company that needs content for their socials - I cover it all! I have an appreciation and the skill for multiple types of work, so that is my answer!

As much as I love shooting content, photography and putting my work out there for people to enjoy. I also love creating a photograph, a video.. I love to create the scenario. Quite often you get photographers that like to turn up to an already established situation, take pictures and go home. I like to manipulate, to brainstorm, to have fun and to create exciting photographs/content.. not just take point and shoot.

There's nothing better than getting people involved in making something come to life!