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Zoë de T - Photographer - Suffolk

Zoë de T - Photographer - Suffolk


  • Location: Suffolk & Cambridge.
  • Price: On request.
  • Features:
  • Online gallery (no cost) 
  • Option to buy prints, canvases, and other photo-art
  • Number of photos not limited. 
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Weddings are the most special of all Zoë's photography work. She loves people, and so being invited in among family and friends to photograph a celebration of love between two people is about as special as it gets. It really is an honour and she approaches it as such.

"Zoe swims against the filter and Photoshop tide"

Zoe doesn't airbrush or Photoshop her photos as she never sees anything to enhance or hide. Her moto is 'you are beautiful - just as your are'

"meet zoe in the months before"

Couples meet Zoë in the months before their wedding day so they can get to know her a little, and visa-versa, and so they can chat about the day they have planned.

"candid style"

If you like Zoë's honest, filter-free, and candid style of photography and you have a good feeling about her being your wedding photographer then she would be delighted to join you for your wedding day.